Terms of Service

Terms of Service

(Last Update : July.18.17)


1. All payment is due up front. Payment plans are negotiable for larger pieces, but I will not start until I receive payment in full.
2. I only accept payment through PayPal at this time.
3. I ask for PayPal email up front on my form so that once you accept the quote, I can send you an invoice.
4. If sending money for your commission, please use “Goods & Services.”


1. I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.
2. Once you fill out the request form, I will email you a quote. You must accept this quote before you can have a slot on my queue.
3. No refunds after the work has been completed. If you decide you don’t want to continue with the commission before it is finished, I’ll refund the portion that I didn’t work on.
4. Please provide a decent reference sheet for your character or chosen subject. I am available for designing you a character if needed. Game screenshots are fine.
5. I won’t draw somebody else’s character without their permission. This excludes fan art of popular media.
6. Upon commissioning me, you give me the rights to display your artwork in any of my online galleries.
7. A commission may take a month maximum of time to finish. Less complex pieces should be done sooner. My work schedule can be tricky sometimes.

Approval and Changes

1. You can opt for Artistic Liberty, and I’ll send you the artwork as soon as it’s done.
2. You can request approval steps, but you must let me know in advance by checking the right box on the form.
a. On default, I’ll give you progress after the initial sketch is done to see if you like where it’s heading.
b. Once inking is done, the character pose can not be altered!
c. If you want changes made, please tell me all of them in bulk to save time and to get your commission to you faster